Basic Car Wash: Hand Wash
 -Car $4.99 (W/ Hand Dry $7.99)
 -SUV $7.99 (W/ Hand Dry $10.99)

Quick Exterior: Hand wash/dry plus tire dressing
 -Car $19.99 (W/ Quick Vacuum $23.00)
 -SUV $22.99 (W/ Quick Vacuum $30.00)

Quick Interior: Vacuum, Dash/Console Shine
 -Car $7.99
 -SUV $10.99

Detailed Exterior: Hand Wash/dry, hand wax & buff and tire dressing
 -Car $65.00
 -SUV $85.00

Detailed Interior: Vacuum, window/vent cleaning, mat wash and dash/console shine
 -Car $60.00
 -SUV $80.00

The Works: Deatiled Exterior & Interior Combined
 -Car $100.00
 -SUV $140.00

Engine Compartment: Degreasing & Dressing
 -Car $20.00
 -SUV $30.00

Please note: Add $5 to any package if your vehicle has a third row.
Packages are customizable, please let us know what we can do for you!

Sorry, we only accept cash.